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At Luxonum, we believe that...

Design reflects your personality Show and express yourself by adding your personal and exclusive touch to your interior. 

Uniqueness is the key – Our lamps are highly customizable to create one of a piece for our customers

Technology should make life easier – Our light objects are stuffed with amazing technology for remote control and smart-homes but still can be operated just by your hands and amazing gesture controls.

Good design is sustainable – We build our designer lamps to last a life time. Highest quality of materials and modular design makes it possible.

Onyx Designer Lamp ITSU Trio on sideboard

About our program

Luxonum is excited to work with our affiliate partners and reward publishers for their efforts in promoting our designer lamps. If you have additional questions, don´t hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

Important details for affiliates:

  • Average order size is 1.000 €
  • 20% commission on every sale, with the potential for an increase, based on performance
  • 30 days cookies validity
  • Payment latest 30 days after product delivery 
  • Simple and fair conditions
  • Sales possible within European Economic Area and UK. If you are interested in worldwide customer promotions, contact us  

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About Andreas Rauwolf and Luxonum

Andreas Rauwolf, owner of Luxonum - Modern Onyx Designer Lamps
The company was founded by Andreas Rauwolf, who was looking for a new challenge after studying electrical engineering and many years in electrical development, software development, sales and management. The trigger for starting something new was the unexpected loss of his own life partner…


Simply magic: how to set the light color of our designer lamp

We attach great importance to innovative, simple and elegant operation of our designer lights. The adjustment of the up to 16 million different light colors is easily done by hand via gesture control. Likewise, the candle mode and color change mode can be activated by gesture.  

For lovers of cell phones and smart homes: The ITSU One can of course also be controlled via our free app (Iphone + Android) or via Zigbee.


Why is this not a designer light but light art?

The process
Light art
Light art

Art is always unique and reflects the character and style of the artist and therefore also his owner.

Our light objects go beyond the normal approach of a designer lamp and become an exclusive one-of-a-kind light object: on request, the onyx cubes are plated with a pattern following the natural grain by hand with gold or palladium. A real work of art is created.

Not enough? Pair your lamp with a matching painting. On request we offer matching paintings to the luminaires. A dialogue is created between the luminous object and the wall painting. Exclusivity as we understand it.


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