Itsu Slim - Modern Onyx Table Lamp

A voluptuous and enchanting light object, formed by clean design and natural materials, ITSU combines brilliantly an elegant massive metal base with a cube of warmly glowing onyx marble.


ITSU is a product line of high quality designer lamps. The clear and simple design fits seamlessly into all environments.

The light bodies made of solid onyx marble are lovingly handcrafted in an Italian factory. This preserves the unique character of each stone and its continuous structure. The cube is supported by a heavy metal base. The result is a dreamlike play of light and reflections that attract all eyes.

Variety guaranteed

Nature allows an infinite variance of the lamp, each onyx cube is unique, each structure is individual. Change your luminaire according your mood, the season or surroundings: additional onyx marble cubes can be purchased seperately and are replaceable without any tools (The video shows the change of the stone at the ITSU One).

Replaceable light source

ITSU One Solo has a replaceable G4 LED lamp. This makes it easy to replace the bulb and ensures a long service life for your ITSU One. A dimmer is integrated in the supply line of the luminaire to control the brightness.

Andreas Rauwolf founder of luxonum holds a onyx designer lamp ITSU One

Custom-made designer lamps

Luxonum is a start-up from Stuttgart and was founded by Andreas Rauwolf. The basic idea from the very beginning: To combine high-quality design, natural materials and the latest technologies in lighting objects.

Note: Please note that the Onyx Cube is a natural product and variations in structure and colour are normal. Visible cracks in the stone are a natural element of this material and are no damage. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you to choose your personal favorite stone.

Modell: ITSU Slim
Abmessungen: 100 x 100 x 110 mm
Gewicht: 2 kg
Material: Onyx-Marmor, Aluminium

Company Logo Luxonum

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