New Designer Lamp ITSU - Exclusive Onyx Marble


Each one is one of a kind


Stone cubes exchangeable

From 895 €

Same as ITSU Slim and additionally:


High metal base

From 1.197 €

Same as ITSU One Solo and additionally:


Light color adjustable


Integrated powerful rechargeable battery


Remote control via smartphone

From 4.984,28 €

Same as ITSU One and additionally:

Triple onyx

Three cubes with one charging base

From 545 €

Massive Onyx

Continuous grain


Slim metall base

Extend your collection with exchangeable onyx cubes


Stone cubes exchangeable

Natural Harmony

ITSU Onyx Designer Lamp: A voluptuous and enchanting light object, formed by clean design and natural materials, ITSU combines brilliantly an elegant massive metal base, crowned by a cube of warmly glowing onyx marble with latest LED technology. Unique and personalized, your lamp exists only once: the lamp bodies made of solid onyx marble are lovingly handcrafted in an Italian manufactory. The result is a dreamlike play of light and one of a kind light object that will attract all eyes.

Watch our video showing you the designer lamp with its beautiful onyx cubes, interchangeable and personalised. Also get an insight to the functions and operation of ITSU. How to change the color and of the LEDs of ITSU with just using gestures and the button. How to charge the lamp and monitor the end of charging. See also how to connect to our free app “LUXONUM BLE” to control the lamp with your smart-phone. Watch how easy it is the change the onyx cube and how to create your very own one of a kind onyx lamp with ITSU. 

You can find even more information like this video or photos of our light objects in our social media channels below. Connect with us! Also download our lookbook and get more inspiration on how to use these beautiful objects and about all the variants and options.

The integrated battery allows ITSU to be used universally in your living room, on the balcony or in the sleeping room. It can be easily recharged and then is ready for hours of cosy lighting.

Design Lampe ITSU erklärt

Lamp or luminaire?

We do not want to split hairs, but which term is correct or can we say both? In colloquial language, lamp and luminaire each means the same object, namely an object for lighting. Like a table lamp, ceiling lamp or floor lamp. Technically, however, a difference is made: The lamp is the actual illuminant, for example, the light bulb. It is installed in the luminaire. So when the word lamp appears in technical documents, it is actually the light bulb that is meant and not the luminaire itself.

You will find both terms on our homepage, we want to be technically correct on the one hand, but on the other hand we also want to be found when you enter typical search terms.

Onyx Designer Lamp ITSU One next to charging tray

One of a kind

Modern Onyx Designer Lamp: Unique and personalized, your lamp exists only once: the lamp bodies made of solid onyx marble are lovingly handcrafted in an Italian manufactory. This preserves the individual character of each stone and its continuous structure. The cube is supported by a heavy metal base, which is either genuine gold-plated or chrome-plated, depending on your personal choice. The result is a dreamlike play of light and one of a kind light object that will attract all eyes.

The sixteen integrated state-of-the-art RGBW LEDs of ITSU One and Trio produce an almost infinite colour variance with 16 million colours. Brightness can be dimmed to suit the desired mood, and control is intuitive via push-button and gesture control, via Bluetooth (BLE) or Zigbee. Lighting animations, such as candle simulation, create a cosy atmosphere if desired.